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MR Test Objects

Eurospin System

MRI Test Objects - the "Eurospin II Test System"

These Test Objects are designed to be used for checking the image performance of MR Scanners with static fields in the range from 0.02 to 3 Tesla. The design was based upon Collaborative Research work within the framework of the Concerted Research project "Identification and Characterization of Biological Tissues by NMR" COMAC-BMU II 2.3 from 1984 led by Dr F Podo. It was further developed by a group led by Dr R A Lerski at Hammersmith Hospital Medical School.

Annulus MR Test Objects

  • Test Object TO1 - UNIFORMITY - is for assessing Uniformity, Ghosting, Image Signal-to-Noise Ratio and Uniformity of Image Signal-to-Noise Ratio.
  • Test Object TO2 - SLICE - is for assessing Geometric Distortion, Slice Profile and Slice Width.
  • Test Object TO3 - SLICE POSITION - is for assessing Slice Warp and Slice Position (single and multisplice).
  • Test Object TO4 - RESOLUTION - is for assessing Resolution by Bar Pattern and the Modulation Transfer Function.
  • Test Object TO5 - CONTRAST - is for measuring T1 & T2 Precision and Accuracy, and Image Contrast. TO5 is supplied with a set of 18 Gel-filled Test Tubes.
  • The LOADING ANNULUS is an optional accessory device into which the various Test Objects are inserted to simulate the body loading.

A leaflet describing Product Specifications of the individual components of the Eurospin II test object system is available here

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